5 Songs I’ve Been Jamming To – 6/23/17

I cannot go a day without music! The songs are randomly picked from my favorites list. WARNING: Some songs may contain profanity(sorry Amma!).

Unforgettable (French Montana and Swae Lee)

The beat in this song is so catchy, especially the unforgettable part. Thankfully, the video and the lyrics have nothing to do with each other. It sounds like a guy trying to hit up a girl at the club and his experience with her. Best heard blasting in the car.

Two Hearts (Bryson Tiller)

I love Bryson Tiller’s music. His lyrics clearly show that he really feels true love. Probably because he writes the lyrics based off of his own experiences.

I love how he changes his tone from serious to pleading in the lines Girl I’ll Beg you for my heart back. It reminds me of the movie dialogue Aambalaiya Kenja Vaikaathey, which roughly translates to don’t make a man beg [to a woman].

Oru Kari Mukilinu (Vijay Prakash)

The theme of this song is a woman trying to search for a guy that keeps on mysteriously disappearing. The visuals in this song are so stunning….definitely a must see. Dulquer Salmaan looks exceptionally handsome in all those stunts. Parvathy Menon looks so simple but beautiful throughout the whole movie. The nose pins fit her so well.

Vijay Prakash’s voice is so fragile. He gave full justice to his solo in this song, especially the fade out after each line. The song just gets more and more interesting as you listen to it repeatedly. Rafiq Ahammed wrote such simple lyrics but fit perfectly with the plot. One of the rare songs that are pleasing to the eyes and ears.

Note: I don’t know Malayalam. I just search Google for the meaning and use my Tamil background knowledge.

Yembuttu Irukkuthu Aasai (Kalyani Nair, Sean Roldan)

Let’s get over the controversy. Many people dislike the video because it’s more sexual than romantic. The director could’ve easily made a video where the hero creeps the girl around the city like every other Tamil love song. In that case, the lyrics would’ve seen more PG. Since the song is focused more on vulgarity/sensualism than romance, the lyrics also seem vulgar/sensual. On the other hand, Regina Cassandra’s expressions are killing!

Sean Roldan’s voice is interesting but suits well in this song. Kalyani Nair’s voice is not super sweet but still like feathers in one’s ear. Together, they make a striking melody that is hard to not put on repeat mode.

Surviva (Anirudh, Yogi B, Mali Manoj)

MY THALA AJITH!! Saved the best for last. This is my ultimate, inspirational jam. Welcome back Yogi B! He is still so comfortable in rapping in the studio after years. The way he rap is bomb and so are the lyrics! The best part is whenever Anirudh says La La La La Surviva The background music is so unique, you can identify the song in less than 10 seconds. The lyrics reflect hard work, teamwork, and willpower, something everyone needs. Thala’s walk in the lyric video gives me goosebumps. Next hit song after Aaluma Dolumaa. Getha Vidaatha Pangu!


Well, I hope you enjoyed my list. If you want me to make more posts like this or want to suggest some songs, comment below!

Keep your Heart Happy!







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